Jazz on Classics
Jazz on Classics
8 Classics from Mozart to Debussy inkl. CD
Bestell-Nr 368359
Ed.-Nr DO 01417
ISBN 9790012196679
Besetzung Klavier
Herausgeber Publig, Michael
Preis 18,80
Lieferstatus folgt in 3-4 Tagen  folgt in 3-4 Tagen
Bestellmenge  (mindestens 1)
Frühling (Vivaldi)
Primavera Brasileira ( to Airto Moreira & Hermeto Pascoal)
Adagio (Mozart, W. A.)
The Genius (to Oat Metheny & Lyle Mays)
La Noche des Senor Beethoven (to Astor Piazzolla)
aus dem Klavierquintett (Brahms)
Watermelon Stomp (to Dave Evans)
Solvejg's Song (to Dave Grusin)
Norwegian Mood (to Bill Evans)
Valses Poéticos (Grandados, E.)
Looping Waltz (to Chick Corea)
Poem for Scrjabin (to Clare Fischer)
Prelude Op.11,4 (Scrjabin, A.)
Could it be Anything (to Warren Bernhardt)
Le petit nègre (Debussy, C.)
Cakewalk Blues (to Art Tatum)
Ronda aus der 'Pathétique' (v. Beethoven, L.)
Salsa Classica (to Tito Puente & Eddie Palmieri)